Graveyard Peak 2004

Wilderness: Ansel Adams Wilderness
Trail System: Goodale Pass Trail
Latitude: 37.2658
Longitude: -118.5919
Elevation: 11,440 feet

Day 1 – Hike in
Graveyard Peak is located approximately 8.3 miles in from Lake Thomas A. Edison. The Lower Graveyard Lake is where we will be camping the first two night and it is located about 7.4 miles in from Edison Lake. The hike is pretty straight forward on the way in and once we reach Graveyard Lake, the wind is blowing really hard and has a chill on it that wasn’t too comfortable. As darkness approached, the wind let up and we were able to enjoy our meal and get some rest before tomorrow.

Day 2 – Fish the lakes and climbing the peaks
On day two, we fished all the Graveyard Lakes and climbed Graveyard Peak. The lakes are located nicely along the trail and are housed by huge walls of granite. Once we had our fills of the lakes, we climbed Graveyard Peak and you could see all the Graveyard Lakes, as well as Peter Pande and Anne Lake. Once finished we head back to camp for a little dinner and Yukon Jack

Day 3 – Move to next location
On day three, we decided to move our camp over to Devils Bathtub Lake. The hike is pretty straight forward and the view is wonderful. Chris tried to catch some fish, but nothing was biting so we just relaxed, watched the sun go down and sleep off the day’s hike.

Day 4 – Hike out
This was one of my favorite trips, because I was in great shape at the time and we were able to cover lots of ground. Ahh, the days of being young. The hike out is smooth and we return home safe.