Sierra Hiking Trails is a collection of past trips taken in the Sierra National Forest over the last ten years and a journal of trips to come in future years. My hopes are that someone may find the information useful to help them plan a trip or just to look at some beautiful photos of the Sierra’s.

The trips originally started with three friends needing a break from the city life and just getting away for four days to enjoy the outdoors and fish the many lakes tucked away in the Sierra’s. Shortly after, we obtained a forth enthusiast and then a fifth and have been going from there.

Our passion for the outdoors came from working on a trail crew called the Trailshots based out of North Fork, CA. I built hiking trails throughout California for thirteen years while my friend did it for about 2 years before joining the Military. My brother was a wild land firefighter at the time.

I have since moved on to become a Systems Administrator for a law firm while my friend is retired from the Military and now works on helicopters by contract here locally in Fresno, CA. My brother is opening his own business and has become one of the valley’s best horticulturist.